Saturday, September 19, 2009

Uncle Wilford asks more important questions!

You just gotta check out Uncle Wilford's last line of questions. It hard to imagine a mind so deep that can come up with the questions this man can. Take a listen....

Monday, August 31, 2009

The Hoe and the Coon

Howdy, ya sludge puppies. Eh, eh, Uncle Wilford here, uh-huh.

Man, dawg, last night was a freaky sight here at the porch. Me and Aunt Mally was a sleepin' away and about 3:30 AM the dadgum dogs started a makin' the worst fuss you ever heared.

I jumped outta the bed and stuck my feet into my pair of red Crocs and headed out on the porch to see what all the commotion was about. But, it was too dark so I had ta go back inside and fumble 'round fur the light switch.

Finally got the porch light on an went back out to see what I could see. Them dogs was rippin' and a tearin' at a blamed ole coon! Man was it givin' 'em fight! It was a screamin' and a hissin' something fierce!

I took off for the carport to get my hoe and then headed back to finish of the coon and shut them dang ole dogs up.

Finally got the coon, which was ded now, away from the dogs and headed back to house.

A standin' on the porch, AUnt Mally commenced to laughin' so I asked her what was so funny.

She said, "Wilford, take a look at you. You is buck naked 'cept for dem red Crocs you is a wearin'!"

Boy howdy, was I. Now that ain't a pretty mental image - Ole Uncle Wilford and his hoe a prancin' 'round in the porch light buck ass naked!

Toodle Do.....

Friday, August 28, 2009

Healthcare my ass!

Now ain't this here some real pig doodie. The United State goverment is a thinkin' they can run the whole blame health care system. Well, I guess they ahve had some practice at it.

I'm just makin' a comment.

Eh, eh Uncle Wilford here.

Yeah, they've had years of practice at health care. If you wanna little peek at how it would be just ask anybody who's a been doctored at a VA Hospital. Yeah, that's right, the Veterans Administration is just doin' a bang up job now ain't they? I'm just makin' a comment, now.

Uh, check back later for another new podcast cuz old Uncle Wilford well tell it like it is,

Bye ya'll

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Uncle Wilford Ponders

In his debut episode, Uncle Wilford thinks aloud. If you can call what he does thinkin'! Better take a listen.